What Hormones that Causes Acne?

hormonal acne also known as acne vulgaris is an irritating skin condition that is caused by the overproduction of androgen hormones in the body. The adult acne is a result of the action of these
hormones that causes acne
hormones and this includes stimulation or sebaceous glands to produce large amounts of sebum or natural skin oil. The fat that accumulates in the hair follicles or pores mixes with dead skin cells and bacteria eventually causing the formation of pimples. The hormonal acne is usually seen in puberty and tends to continue later in adulthood in some people. Teenagers are the ones who are threatened by this skin condition considering the fact that there are hormonal changes taking place in your body during this time period. The cause of adult acne is also due to hormonal imbalances and women suffer because of natural cycles experienced as menstruation, pregnancy and menopause.

Hormones That Causes Acne in Adolescence

Androgen Hormones play a vital role in the development of acne in adolescence. This is because they grow throughout puberty and hormone levels tend to constant change. Now, in these rapid fluctuations hormone level is not something that can be predicted or prevented and unexpected results in the appearance of acne. Hormonal acne usually develops in areas of the face, back and chest and this is because the sebaceous glands release sebum in these areas and oil rapidly accumulates in the skin. Adult acne as a result of raging hormones can be a threat to people considering the fact that can not be cured so easily and control is not an option.

The dermatologist may prescribe however the victim of hormonal acne to wash your face several times daily and acne cream prescribed sets. It also provides some medications that can be helpful in controlling the balance of hormones. This method often helps in removing acne to some extent and the combination when used regularly causes adult acne subsides. Women usually find this very annoying and try to find some possible solutions to get rid of this annoying problem. Of course, consulting a doctor is the best option rather than experiencing random creams that could only make things worse.

Inherited Hormonal Acne
Even if discarded as a cause hormonal imbalance, there are still women who have this problem and this is due to an inherent internal cause. Sometimes it's often something that is genetically inherited and can not blame anyone for it. Side effects of medications are also among the causes of adult acne and can be prevented by simply stop using drugs. Choosing squeeze pimples worse things and harsh scrubbing of the skin can also contribute to the onset of hormonal acne. It is advisable to avoid cosmetics oil-based products and stress, illness or exhaustion can also contribute to the appearance of the hormonal acne, to some extent. Also remember your diet also has an indirect impact on acne problems.

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