Hormonal Acne Women: Possible Hormonal Disorder

With the arrival of summer, the appearance of the body and the skin in general and in particular becomes more important. Acne, typical skin disease in adolescence, should not be minimized when appears in adulthood as it may conceal a hormonal imbalance treatable and manageable if proper medical query. 

During the summer is usual to begin to focus attention on certain aspects that were relegated during the year; improve nutrition, physical activity and hydrate more are some of them. The skin care also takes a leading role during this time and it is essential to note that the sun is not always an ally of the face beauty, especially for those suffering from acne. 

First, exposure to sunlight generates more perspiration and thus increased production of sebum; turn, despite the belief that the sun improves skin appearance, indeed counterproductive because after the initial dry state reversal translated into an explosion of blackheads and pimples may occur. 

Hormonal Acne Women Causes

The known acne is defined as a skin disease that mainly affects an organ called the hair follicle, composed of hair and sebaceous gland production of the fat that covers the skin. 

hormonal acne womenThis condition is very common among teenagers because hormonal acne women often develops during puberty. At this stage, hormone levels rise and generate an increase in the size and activity of the sebaceous glands. Thus, the oil produced is deposited on the skin, causing the clogging of pores. These conditions result in the creation of bacteria which further irritate the dermis and result in blackheads, whiteheads or grains which may incorporate pus or not according to the degree of infection. 

Although there are several causes of hormonal acne women appearance (unbalanced diet rich in fat, smoking and stress) when present in adult women may be a sign of a hormonal disorder called Syndrome hyperandrogenic, which is treatable provided it is diagnosed and treated by a professional. 

This syndrome is one of the most common endocrine disorders in women of reproductive age and is characterized by an excess of androgen (male sex hormones), among which include testosterone, androstenedione and dehidroandorsterona sulfate.

The excessive presence of such hormones may be caused both acne and increase in oily skin, and other conditions including excessive hair -growth hirsutism male found in areas such as the chin, neck, abdomen and around the nipple, abnormal alopecia-loss of her hair, menstrual cycle disorders, ovulatory dysfunction. One of the most frequent problems associated with hyperandrogenism is Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. 

The most extreme cases of masculinization with voice changes, abdominal obesity and male pattern baldness may be due to tumor causes that will be evaluated by an endocrinologist

For the accurate and timely diagnosis, and treatment of hormonal acne women is essential to consult a specialist, who indicated laboratory studies to detect imbalances in the level of androgenic hormones. And if so, will develop a personalized treatment to correct and control both acne and other signs of this disorder.