What Causes Hormonal Acne and How to Cope with?

Probably most people already know what it is acne, which is usually a lump growing in the face. Often, acne is considered as the enemy of the perfect physical appearance of a person, and therefore they tried a variety of ways so that the acne is "disturbing" can be lost. But not as easy as imagined, because acne arises not only because of the type of skin, the suitability of cosmetics as well as the type of food consumed, because acne is due to hormones also often appear.

What causes hormonal acne, when appearing?


Acne due to hormones, usually appear when a person experiences an imbalance in hormone levels in the body. This imbalance causes excessive secretion, especially in the oil glands in the skin and fat. It leads to clogging of pores - pore facial ended with the growth of acne due to hormones.
Acne that appears due to hormones, its size is usually large and inflamed. There itching and discomfort, even pain or cause headaches for days.

Hormonal acne are found in adolescents who are entering puberty, due to age - that age, hormonal imbalance prevalent. At puberty, hormones libido will generally increase sharply with age experienced. Libido and androgen hormone that causes acne.

However, hormonal acne do not always occur during puberty are due in many cases, we can find adult women also experience the same thing, especially when they are menstruating. At the time of menstruation, the hormone is in the body of a woman is usually an imbalance, which then will cause acne on the face. However, not every woman who is menstruate will experience acne because this hormone because it all depends on the stability of hormones in the body.

Sometimes acne medications you normally use take a long effect. Not with easy and powerful can treat acne and get rid of it. How to cope acne that grows because of hormones?

How to cope with acne due to hormonal

Acne because of hormones that occur in adolescents who are entering the age of puberty, usually will be a little difficult to remove with medications - drugs on the market. Acne occurs during puberty usually goes away by itself in line with age because at the present time, hormone libido will usually automatically stable.

The problem that often arises is how, if puberty has passed but because of hormonal acne is still there? One of the most effective ways to reduce acne because of the hormone is to control the libido hormone levels in the body. Do not just use regular acne medication, but should be the controlling hormone drugs. However, it is better to first consult a specialist doctor to avoid any risks that may arise.

So, in other words, hormonal acne will heal by itself when the hormones in the body gradually stabilized. Do not forget also to meet the nutritional needs of high intake of fresh fruits. The content of vitamin A and C in fruits will undoubtedly help cure acne faster, and make the skin healthier.