Hormonal Acne on Chin and Jawline - Cause and Treatment

Hormonal acne and pimples are not nice scenery to look at but adolescents who experience drastic hormonal changes in their bodies suffer from acne. There are some adults who also suffer from acne, especially on the chin and want to get rid of it completely because it affects them not only physically but also psychologically.

How can you cure hormonal acne chin on and jawline without having to take prescription drugs that may cause other side effects that can harm you?

Hormonal Acne on Chin and Jawline Causes

The first thing to remember is to STOP touching the acne with your hand if you've washed your hands or not. Your hand has a lot of bacteria that can be extended if you keep touching your keys and make things worse for you. Another focus will be other issues that you have to deal with! Touch your acne and squeezing them can also add bruises and scars on your skin!

If you are among those who are required to wear a helmet or mask or device which is in contact with the chin and jawline, you have increased the chances of having more acne outbreaks on chin. If you need to wear a mask, often changed so that sweat and dirt will not be trapped in the area. If you need to carry a camera with a chin strap, align it with a clean cloth so you will be sure that your chin is not in direct contact with the bacteria.

hormonal acne on chin and jawlineThe fact that more women are struggling with acne on the chin than men is not a surprise - it is mainly caused by fluctuations in the levels of different hormones that a woman must be done during the menstrual cycle. Women may find that they get hormonal acne on chin and jawline every time they would get their periods or even during pregnancy. Men who take steroid supplements can also see the hormonal acne on chin and jawline as a side effect. Stressed out, which has been found to enhance the amount of testosterone in the system, can also cause unsightly acne.

Some cosmetics can also cause acne on the jaw by clogging pores. Among men, some shaving cream or lotion can irritate or clog pores and aggravate acne chin. People who have this bad habit of taking in the jaw or popping acne pimples they find repeated constantly in the same place. Dirt and bacterial can also worsen acne on the chin - you can get it by touching the jaw line with dirty hands, constant contact with the pillow, as well as contact with the long hair. Some people also tend to ignore the jaw when they wash their face, causing the accumulation of dirt that causes acne and dead skin cells.

What you put into your body reflects on the outside so it can be said that what you eat plays an important role in your hormonal acne on chin and jawline outbreaks. If you have a lot of trans fats and animal fats in your diet, your body tends to produce more hormones inflammation. Inflammatory hormones are important because they help the healing of wounds and protect the body against various infections; However, excess production of this hormone can cause acne!

Hormonal Acne on Chin and Jawline Treatment

Hormonal acne on chin and jawline can be treated by using two general approaches. The first is the use of topical creams, salve, gels and lotions that contain ingredients such as tretinoin, salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide. Although this treatment can be effective against mild acne and blackheads, they are not enough when it comes to jaw stubborn pimple that keeps coming back. With continued use, these topical treatments also tend to lose their effectiveness as the skin learns to adapt and become resistant to their effects.

The best way to keep the hormones in your body is controlled by eating well and having more fruits and vegetables in your diet. Tomatoes, oranges, apples, onions, green beans, avocado and spinach is one of the foods contain essential nutrients to keep the hormones at bay. Doing exercise can also keep the body in best shape and causes hormones to function properly, thereby reducing the appearance of acne on the chin and jawline breakouts.

Water is not called the elixir of life for nothing which is why it is very important to drink plenty of water to keep your body healthy by removing toxins. Drink at least eight glasses of water a day to keep you free from acne!