Stress Pimples - Yes, They're Acne Too

Ask a group of people what causes acne, and you'll get all sorts of answers (some of them right, and some wrong).You'll hear chocolate mentioned; hormones, of course; and greasy foods. But, what about stress? Not everyone will think to list it-not everyone even knows to include it-but research and the experiences of acne sufferers-show that emotional duress is a major cause of stress pimples.

The person who said that "you could tell immediately from my face how much stress I'm under," speaks for many who know the agony of this skin affliction. Flare-ups can occur before your menstrual period, when you feel pressured for time, and when you're worried about money or your job. Clearly, the pervasiveness of stress pimples indicates that acne isn't just for adolescents anymore. However, the young are not immune to acne in this form, as confirmed by a scientific study that found teenagers' acne is 23% more likely to be extra severe if they feel stressed.

You can't avoid stress. If you are prone to getting this type of acne, your body produces an excessive amount of hormones when you're under stress. The hormones tell your skin pores to produce more oil than they can handle. This extra oil gets all jammed up with dead skin cells (that would normally be sloughed off), and the unpleasant result is a pimple-or, more likely, lots of pimples.

How to prevent stress pimples

stress pimples
You can work to reduce your stress level-and therefore, the occurrence of these pimples-by practicing tension reduction techniques such as meditation. Following a regular program of physical exercise can also be helpful, as will eating a healthy diet. But, because you can't eliminate all of the stress from your life, you may want to try one or more of the acne treatments on the market today.

Stress pimples treatments come in a variety of forms: pills and medicated pads are among the most common. Often, they're more effective when you use them together. Most reduce the body's oil production, eradicate dead skin cells and accelerate new cell growth.

Acne pills are a good treatment option. They're gaining in popularity, perhaps, in part, because many contain healthful ingredients such as omega-3 and vitamins A, B and E. They're also proven to be effective, with manufacturers citing cure rates as high as 80% in clinical trials. One product touts a 55% reduction in acne blemishes within six weeks. They're also reasonably priced on the Internet.

Cleansing pads are another good choice, with most people reporting significant improvement in their acne while using them. Many like the convenience of having the pre-measured medication already in the pads. Like the pills, they're affordable.

If you're under pressure-and who isn't these days?-stress pimples may come. But you don't have to accept them as inevitable. Today, if you address the stress in your life, and use the proper medications, you can keep them at bay.