How to Get Clear Skin Naturally, Without Expensive Chemical

We're all conditioned these days to try and put something new on our face in an attempt to get rid of our pimples. But the real key for how to get clear skin naturally lies in the fact that acne isn't a skin problem, it has much more to do with your body as a whole. Trying to treat just the external symptoms won't do anything for you because they'll just keep coming back again and again. It would be the same thing as if someone said, "Well it looks like you have a cough, a sore throat, runny nose and a light fever" instead of saying "You have a cold." The cough and everything else are just symptoms of the real problem, the cold. You don't take separate medication for each, you simply take cold medicine.

In much the same way, how to get clear skin naturally focuses on dealing with the "cold" directly. Oil, dead skin and bacteria might be causing your acne, but what's causing them in turn? It all comes back to problem in the body; take care of them and oil, skin and bacteria won't matter anymore because they're gone.

How to get clear skin naturally? 

So what's the most effective method for how to get clear skin naturally? Well the easiest to implement is water. Your body is mostly made up of water and every single day, we barely give it enough to get by. The body needs lots of water to help flush out junk in our systems, to moisturize our skin, as well as just be healthy. The fastest and easiest thing you can do for acne is just drink 8-12 glasses of water each day. Carry a water bottle with you so you're constantly sipping on it. You'd be surprised how thirsty our bodies really are for more water throughout the day.

Another very effective how to get clear skin naturally method is to cut out dairy from your diet completely, at least for a short time. Dairy products are just plain bad when it comes to people with acne. It's chock full of hormones and vitamins that farmers give to cows to produce milk year round. On top of this, the natural hormones in milk also wreck havoc in our systems. It can cause huge insulin/androgen response cycles that are huge when it comes to acne outbreaks.

Cutting out junk food and eating real, whole foods is another great method for how to get clear skin naturally. Scientists studying outside cultures have found numerous connections between our western style diet and acne. Many cultures that had no acne cases at all began to experience breakouts when eating our food. What's more, a group of Brazilians went back to zero acne once they left our country and stopped eating our food.